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The Problem with the Bharatiya ecosystem

The problem with the Bharatiya ecosystem is that all through history, there is no reward for anyone that is loyal to the nation while the reward for apathy or betrayal is extremely lucrative.
Any individual or group, regardless of religion, that was pro-India has always met a sad fate while anti-India groups have got what they wanted. Subhash Bose, countless revolutionaries, Rana Pratap, Baccha Khan, soldiers of the INA, Bangladeshi & West Punjab Hindus, Sindhis, Tibetans, Adivasi groups, Balochis, Kashmiri Hindu, Sri Lankan Tamils all had two things in common - 1) They loved India and its culture 2) They were destroyed and no Indian cared
Unless we set up an ecosystem that rewards loyalists and punishes traitors (opposite of today) the downward spiral cannot stop.
Less of Buddha and more of Chanakya is required for survival in the present world.

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