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Fate of Hindus in India

India is the only country in the world where opinions and decisions are made against the majority HINDUS. It is because of two factors.
1) The corrupt congress has systematically destroyed the Hindu values and culture and appeased Muslims and Christians since 1947 for votes and influenced the thinking of HINDUS and Hindus have accepted it meekly without choice.
2) Politicians from corrupt congress, DMK and communists etc have divided the Hindu society on caste lines so much for votes that we have been fighting among ourselves, overlooking the damage done by the Congress, DMK, Lalu and Mulayam, Mamta and other politicians. Politicians calculate their votes on the lines of caste to divide HINDUS and appease Muslims and Christians as Vote bank very cleverly.
When a church was attacked in Delhi US President Obama spoke about it in public. When the muslim structure ( It is claimed Babri masjid) in Ayodya was destroyed there were advertisements for employment for Saudiarabia and othet middle-east countries in the newspaper saying - Christian and Muslims only. So when something happens to Christians or Muslims in India somebody is worried about it outside India.Who cares about Hindus? Anybody - any newspaper or TV channel talks about the the living condition of HINDUS in Kashmir. Kashmiri Hindus have become refugees in their own country. Any politician talks about the condition of HINDUS in Pakistan? HINDUS in pakistan are either slaves or begging in the street whereas Muslims in India have more than equal rights. Corrupt congress party said this year only a Muslim should become CM of Kashmir because it is a Muslim majority state. Fine. Sack the KERALA CM (Congress) - OOMAN CHANDY, a Christian and Kerala is not a Christian majority state. ANTULAY, a Muslim was CM (Congress) - Dead now - of Maharastra and Maharastra is not a Muslim majority state. Congress party must offer apology for making a Muslim a CM of Maharastra. The present vice-president ANSARI, a Muslim who refused to salute when national anthem was playing this year on january 26th, should be sacked immediatey because India is not a Muslim majority country. See the dangerous political game of Congress.
My dears Brothers and sisters of India - See how the corrupt congress party has destroyed our great country. Last UPA govt had seven Chrsitian ministers from Kerala and they gave a free hand to Christian missionaries for conversion. Now it the duty of every HINDU to make sure congress and anti-HINDU party DMK etc is buried for ever. Congress and parties like DMK are a cancer. we need to cure India of this disease. Let us make India congress-free. Time has come with BJP's MODI as Prime Minister to reverse the thinking of the people towards Hindu culture, traditions, and values. Indian culture is essentially HINDU culture. Round up all Christian missionaries from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and throw them out. They have done enough damage to the country. Christian missionaries convert poor Hindus in the name of service. Mother Teresa did service to the poor but only after converting the HINDUS into Christianity. She could have served Hindus, Christians and Muslims. NO she did not do it. we have to bring in uniform civil code for all citizens regardless of their religious identity. we have to stop HAJ subsidy for Muslims. Hindus dont have any subsidy in HINDU INDIA . Then why should Muslims have? People who have more than two children including Muslims should not get admission in Govt-funded schools and colleges. No govt Govt job for them. No loan whatsoever from Nationalised banks for them. No benefits from Govt - both state and central- should be given to them. That is the only way to control population. Reservation in education and jobs should be only for Hindus on caste lines because ISLAM and Christianity are Casteless society and Hindus are the only Caste-based society. Caste was not created by anybody. It evolved itself. Anybody thought about it?
HINDUISM is not an organised religion as Christianity or Islam but a culture, civilization or way of life. This culture is ancient culture. So the son of someone doing Carpentry work became carpenter and son of someone doing Haircut became barber and it continued for generation. The children essentially followed the trade of their father.And there was no other job available other than their family trade. So Hair cutting person became Barber ,Carpentry etc and gradually the trade became a caste and formed their own group. So Caste is an evolution and it was not a creation. Now People are getting educated and the caste system should fade slowly.But however Politicians from Congress, DMK, Samajwadi party etc will try their level best to retain the caste system. The moment there is no caste in India these politicians will disappear. OK now - If Christians and Muslims want to claim reservation on the basis of their caste even after conversion it is cheating because somebody is converting into Christianity or Islam saying either they are harassed in Hindu society or they are offered money for conversion especially by Christian missionaries. So the converts have no right to talk about caste after conversion simply because Christianity and Islam are homogeneous society.
Considering all the above factors and in the light of advancement in education and prosperity all reservation should be phased out gradually and jobs and education should be only on merit. AYODYA, KASHI and MADHURA are holy places for HINDUS just like Jeruslem for Christians and Mecca for Muslims. It is better Muslims hand over the land along with the mosques in these three places to HINDUS for the betterment of the Indian society without politicizing it further because the whole world knows these were only temples and Muslims destroyed it and built mosques.
Jai Hind. Vande Mataram

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